Can enchant illussions be bonus rolled?

Joel Jerde asked a question: Can enchant illussions be bonus rolled?
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💰 Can elegon mount be bonus rolled 4?

I'm also curious about this. I've heard rumours you can obtain the elegon mount from a bonus roll but only on normal or heroic, not on LFR. I seem to remember a blue post a while back that said you could get the mounts on a bonus roll as they are considered part of the loot table, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

💰 Can spawn of horridon be bonus rolled?

The Spawn of Horridon mount has roughly a 2% drop rate from Horridon in the Throne of Thunder. The difficulty or raid size do not impact the drop chance of the mount (excluding LFR). Also the 6th boss Ji-Kun has a chance to drop the Clutch of Ji-Kun mount. The entrance to Throne of Thunder can be found in the center section of the Isle of Thunder.

💰 Does mining enchant?

The speed increase works when you mine slain elementals, but not actual mining nodes. Tested this both with gloves on and off. A guildie reported that their enchant is working though.

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If you look in the journal you see that it is just part of kilroggs loot table now, not a secret bonus roll thing. 2. level 2. Salty_Aftertaste. Original Poster. 4 years ago. I think of note is also that I got both the illusion and an item from a single bonus roll. Which is something that surprised me and I wanted to share with the community.

126th kill, it dropped in LFR, no bonus roll. One of the nicest weapon enchant effects, similar to Illusion: Mark of Shadowmoon but quite a bit fuller and brighter.

Can you bonus roll clutch of jikun? Only the character that has earned a Hero of the Horde/Alliance or Duelist achievement for the corresponding season can unlock these Illusions. The required achievements are now Feats of Strength and are not account-wide so alternate characters cannot purchase these Illusions.

What I mean by this is whenever i enchant a book with looting I get let's say sharpness V. is there a certain Enchant I can guarantee me getting aiming? also, another question, can looting go on bows? Edit: im starting to go insane. its been 20 mins Edit 2: it only took a hour and a half but i...

The LFR bonus roll method of farming seems pretty onerous. On the bonus roll, first you need to pass the loot chance (i.e not just getting gold), and only then do you actually roll for the illusion. And if it's around a 3% drop chance, you're looking at a lot of Tectus kills.

can you loot this from bonus rolls? Kommentar von dashfiss Illusion items give you appearance-only weapon enchants, permanently available for any of your characters to apply with unlimited uses, just like normal armor and weapon transmog.

anyone confirm if you can bonus roll weapon enchant illusions off bosses. While I have no proof, I'd imagine it's like the mounts in MoP. Blizzard won't tell you until an expansion later (after you wasted all the rolls) and only to find out that it's never on the table [back then it was mounts].

Can anyone confirm that this can be bonus rolled? I'm not finding any information about that. :/ Comment by Kimpaa ... -You cannot apply illusions directly on the artifact weapons themselves. Comment by Rudy199 This looks very high-res and unique enchant. You can farm it on raid finder also. Comment by BaronVonCakeman

To get to Ashran, you can take a portal from your Level 3 Garrison, or via an introductory quest from your Garrison. Alliance: Welcome to Ashran, Reporting For Duty. You can pick up Delvar Ironfist as a follower, who is also a Bodyguard that has additional benefits at your Level 2 Barracks.

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