Why do they care quiz quotev?

Marlon Wisozk asked a question: Why do they care quiz quotev?
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Do you really miss him? Kyndal. 1. 15. What color describes what you are feeling right now? Pink. Blue. Black. 2.

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Do people care... really care about you? Kwanita. 1. 3. Do you hang out with alot of people? No, maybe a random person but i don't talk to anyone. Kinda i hang out with my friends alot i care about them. I hang out with everyone and i LOVE hanging out with people that i don't know and kinda linger around. 2.

Take this quiz and find out Sometimes I'm outgoing when I'm with people I'm comfortable with.

Why did people still use quotev???? I see that quotev don't care about their users, i especially can't comprehend why would they decided to erased the group search function. But that's quite some years ago, though i see it's just the same EVEN today, and yet people still posted stories thbre, and i believe based on how it stay strong these past ...

Nobody truly thinks about me or how I feel they don’t care and I know it I don’t talk to people about it because of that but when I do I just cry and they don’t even look at me or try to help the dog I end me (44909) 147 days bruh ...

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Especially with their dad, but today here in this quiz, it's all about mom. If you ever felt so down that, you thought your mom hated you, taking up this quiz, you might see if that's true or not and how you should manage things between you two. Questions and Answers. 1. Why do you and your mom usually fight?

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Everything and anything is kawaii. If you believe you and anything can be kawaii. Somethings are and are not kawaii. Everything is Normal. Nothing is Kawaii. 5. 12.

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4. Your shirt kinda has a stain but it's you favorite out doors shirt what do you do? (idk if this is weird but just role with it) Still wear it. me: same. Wear a diff shirt but wear my stained shirt around the house. me: I feel like alot of people are going to pick this. It depends where the stain is. Me: DANG IT LOGIC.

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Yes. 7. 10. If you answer his phone, does the person on the other end hang up? He never lets me answer his phone! Never and he lets me answer his phone all the time.

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Yes. I'm pretty good at creating things and writing out the details for them.

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1. 30. Okay. With questions 1-10, I’ll build up a picture of you so that your answers for the rest of the quiz have some context. With this whole quiz, be absolutely 100% honest. It goes deep.

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Are you Sassy. Madison. 1. 6. Your mortal enemy bumps you as your going down the hall what do you do? Tell that ratchet hoe to move her stinky arse. Say, 'Oh I'm sorry for bumping into you, did I mess up your weave?" You don't have a mortal enemy, Everyone is your friend... Just ignore that arrogant girl, but on the inside, your thinking of a ...

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Do guys like you? - Quiz. Quiz for girls, I'm a nice guy and want to help some of you out - compliment others.

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