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💰 How is offshore patrol vessel different from inshore patrol vessel?

Offshore patrol vessels have much deeper hulls, and tend to be larger vessels, overall. An offshore vessel has to deal with weather conditions a river patrol vessel will not have to, and generally stays out for longer periods of time.

💰 What is offshore vessel?

  • Offshore vessels are ships that specifically serve operational purposes such as oil exploration and construction work at the high seas. There are a variety of offshore vessels, which not only help in exploration and drilling of oil but also for providing necessary supplies to the excavation and construction units located at the high seas. Offshore ships also provide the transiting and relieving of crewing personnel to and from the high seas’ operational arenas, as and when necessitated.

💰 What is vessel accounting?

05 August 2011 Vessel accouting is also known as Voyage accounting. It is carried by shipping companies. It is carried by shipping companies. CA can see good carrier in shipping industry as it involves Foreign currency exposure, in depth accounting exposure.

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The current position of YA TOIVO is at South Africa (coordinates 33.07681 S / 17.773 E) reported 41 days ago by AIS. The vessel YA TOIVO (IMO: 7907697, MMSI 308971000) is a Mining Vessel built in 1984 (37 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Bahamas. Track on Map Add Photo

Vessel YA TOIVO is a Mining Vessel, Registered in Bahamas. Discover the vessel's particulars, including capacity, machinery, photos and ownership. Get the details of the current Voyage of YA TOIVO including Position, Port Calls, Destination, ETA and Distance travelled - IMO 7907697, MMSI 308971000, Call Sign C6QB6

The mining vessel YA TOIVO (length overall 149.50 metres) is equipped with a 4 point-mooring-system integrated anchor-assist and a dynamic positioning (DP2) system which combine to safeguard the vessel remaining in station in all weather conditions.

The mining vessel YA TOIVO (length overall 149.50 metres) is equipped with a 4 point-mooring-system integrated anchor-assist and a dynamic positioning (DP2) system which combine to safeguard the vessel remaining in station in all weather conditions. SAMPLING & MINING TOOLS

Mining Vessel: Size: 150 x 24 m: Speed AVG/MAX---Draught AVG---GRT: 9,111 Tons: DWT: 2,124 Tons: Owner---Build : 1984 ( 37 years old ) Ads. Information. The current position of YA TOIVO is in South Atlantic Ocean with coordinates -33.07682° / 17.77300° as reported on 2020-11-28 18:18 by AIS to our vessel tracker app. The vessel's current speed is 5.7 Knots. The vessel YA TOIVO (IMO: 7907697, MMSI: 308971000) is a Mining Vessel that was built in 1984 ( 37 years old ). It's sailing under the ...

M/V YA TOIVO Diamond Mining Vessel Technical Specifications . M/V YA TOIVO pIMDH GROUP age 2 of 4 VESSEL SPECIFICATIONS Vessel Name: M/V YA TOIVO Flag: Bahamas Port of Registration: Nassau Call Sign: C6QB6 MMSI: 308791000 Official Number: 731052 IMO number: 7907697 Year of Build: 1981 Year Converted: 1999/2000 Poland Builder: Scott Lithgow Ltd Shipbuilders on the Clyde, Glasgow (UK) Owner: Deep Blue Shipping and Navigation Ltd Marenoi House, 4 George Street, Nassau Bahamas Classification ...

Cumulatively, during the 2018 the m/v Ya Toivo has recovered 220,000 carats over 9 months of activity across Namibian and South African operations (being the vessel under charter to third parties during the remining part of the year). The first quarter of 2019 has recorded a production of 95,000 carats already. << Back to Projects & Developments

YA TOIVO Mining Vessel, IMO: 7907697, MMSI: 308971000. VesselFinder. Buques. Diverso. YA TOIVO. Information. Buque llamado YA TOIVO, registrado con el número IMO: 7907697, MMSI: 308971000 es Mining Vessel. Actualmente navegando bajo bandera Bahamas. Se construyó en 1984. Track on Map Agregar una foto Agregar a la flota. Puertos de recalada. Current AIS Destination Estimated Time of Arrival--Port Arrival (UTC) In Port; Historical AIS Data. Datos AIS. Tipo AIS: Dredging or UW ops: Bandera ...

The association of Mr Peter Looijen with a group of ship owners with some 25 years of experience in servicing, amongst other areas, the offshore oil and gas industries, made it possible, at the end of 2000, for the mv “ Ya Toivo ” to enter service and start profitable diamond mining operations along the Namibian coast.

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